Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I FINALLY painted the kitchen!

DRUM ROLL PLEASE! After 5 years, I have finally painted the kitchen. Why the long wait? Well, the walls were a deep wine color. And kitchens have so many nooks, so much taping and prep work... I just couldn't even process how I would tackle such a project. Until last Monday, when (you guessed it) I buckled up like a big girl and just did it. 

Click here for the old kitchen color.

I'll keep this short and sweet. 
  • It was my very first painting project. 
  • It was HARD. (If you follow me on Instagram and haven't seen my "Kitchen Painting" story, please watch it. It's hilarious and I say "Painting is hard" like 87 times!) 
  • It took me 11 hours to complete!
  • I used a primer first (even though I didn't want to but I'm glad I did)
  • I used Benjamin Moore Regal Select in the color Linen White (Matte) 
  • Tools I totally recommend using: 
    • angled brush
    • edger
    • micro-fiber rolling brush (excellent!) 
Okay... reads?!?!?! 


If you didn't click the link above to see a before... here ya go... 

Crazy difference, right?!?!

 Ahhhhh... love it so much!!!

 My MacKenzie collection really pops now. 
 The black door knob handles (Brian's idea!) made SUCH a difference. I loveeeeeeeeee it!!!

 Here is a progress pic after priming. I was questioning my decision after I did this... took sooooo long but SO worth it!

Thanks for stopping by!!!! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about the paint choice!!!

Next week, BASEMENT RENO starts! Stay tuned!



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