Friday, July 21, 2017

Summer Project- A friend's Gallery Wall

So, this blog started as a little virtual diary of how I made, and continue to make, our house into a home. I started sharing on various social media outlets and then tracking my views on blogger. It's exciting to share something I have become passionate about with other people! I have learned a lot from reading design blogs and to think that I might inspire someone is WILDLY awesome! 

A friend of mine, whom I work with, shared with me her interest in creating a gallery wall. She had NO idea where to begin but knew the frames and pictures she wanted to use. Another dear friend/co-worker has a great eye and was up for tackling this project with me.  So a few days ago, we had a little girls night filled with wine, snacks, laughter and projects!!!! 

Mindy was so organized, it made this project so much easier. She had all of the frames ready to go, with the proper hardware in ziplock bags taped to the backs of each frame. Brilliant! 

If I have all of the frames picked out already, I always begin by arranging on the floor. It takes time to move and place the frames and items in order to get the right combination. 

(If you don't have frames, make cut outs with paper bags and tape on the wall. That guides you with purchasing the right sizes and shapes. I'm working on a project with another friend and we used the cut out method to guide in the purchasing process. It's a breeze! I'll share more details about this project soon!)

Mindy had a nice size wall to work with. It was 118 inches wide and 56 inches tall. (from the server table to the crown moulding)


Command velcro strips
Measuring tape
Step stool/small ladder

Here is the before!

I was given direction to pull anything from the room to include in the gallery wall. I included these sunburst mirrors, a metal "P" and 2 cute wooden signs.

Here is what I put together. Kim, the girl with the good eye, suggested using the center picture as the focal point (hence why it's in the center) and then I worked around it. 

Gallery walls can either be scattered placements or in a defined shape. Here, we made it a rectangle. The gallery wall itself was 96 inches wide and 46 inches tall... so I centered the glass server table, then left 11 inches on either side of the wall and roughly 4 inches on the top and bottom. (these measurements are never exact... actually, I bet someone like my perfectionist husband could get them exact but I can NOT lol) Measuring is important though... and I ended up being close to accurate. 

TIP: When arranging your gallery wall, you want to balance each item. The long, rectangular frames are opposite of each other. The sunburst mirrors are grouped in 3 and in sort of a zig-zag pattern. Always work in odd numbered groups. 3 is best. 5 works, too! Balance... can't stress it enough. 

Always start in the middle. I decided to work on the left side first. (Originally, the lamp was in the middle but after completion, it looked best on the side. Photo below shows final placement.)

Can you peep the ziplock bag on the server??? Sooooo organized and smart! Also, how GORGEOUS is that piece of furniture? I have always talked about my secret weapon, Bob's Discount Furniture, and Mindy snagged this piece at Bob's. Find it here. (My most viewed blog post talks about getting deals at Bob's... Check out my post on Bob's here

 haha This action shot is hilarious to me. All we did was walk around, back and forth, blurry and crazy, making sure everything was as close to perfect as we could get it. 
 Brian and I were texting while I was mid-project. He asked if I was only using Command Velcro strips to hang the gallery items and I said, "NOPE! I get to use nails and a hammer, too!" To which he replied, "Wow, that's a good husband letting you ladies put holes in the wall." For those of you tuning in for the first time, I have written about how my hubs won't dare let me nail a single thing into our walls. OFF LIMITS! That's his domain so this was terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. 

Kim has a great method to line up nails with the holes on the frames. 

She places masking tape on the back of the frame, marks where the hooks/holes are, then places the tape on the wall to mark exactly on the wall where we needed to nail. SO SMART! 

Worked like a charm!

 Always use a level. If you don't have one at home, there are apps you can download on your phone! iHandy Level is one of them!
Tape method!

Ready for the reveal??????



We moved the lamp to the side and then rearranged the server top a little. She has that gorgeous punch bowl handed down from a family member which was the perfect accent. The gallery wall is large so keeping the server top minimal was key. We want the eye to focus on those gorgeous memories hanging up on the wall.

I love it SO much but most importantly... Mindy and her family love it!!!

Thanks for letting me tackle this project. I enjoyed every second!!!! 

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