Monday, July 10, 2017

Get Organized- The Makeup Drawer

Ladies who love their makeup know how quickly it can become a disorganized mess. Whether you have a makeup drawer, cabinet or container, the endless amounts of eye shadows, lipsticks and brushes can give even the most organized person a headache!

Some new, gorgeous, must have product is always coming on the market and with each passing month, my makeup collection continues to grow YET my makeup drawer remains the same size! Riddle me that!

So today, I'd like to share how I keep my makeup organized while remaining on a budget. 

My DREAM would be to have one of those huge, lucite makeup organizers like the one here at Sephora. But if I'm spending $200, it's not on a plastic makeup container. (shoes or a bag? different story) Also, if I really think about it, keeping all of my makeup in those giant, clear organizers could be overwhelming. Plus, I'm not a fan of a cluttered counter top. 

So, here is my current set up. 

Bri installed these floating shelves in our master. I keep my most used facial treatments, creams and serums here on the bottom shelf. Inside that mercury glass jar, I store cotton rounds. 

Inside that white, 3 drawer container, I keep travel size creams, masks, etc. I am forever getting samples in travel sizes and I can't always use them as quickly as I receive them. Storing them in this container keeps them organized and my actual makeup drawer less cluttered. 

 Various eye creams, masks and balms. 
Travel size samples of serums and masks. 

Now, on to the fun stuff! ;)

 The drawer is big, which is good. I love using Acrylic Cosmetic Trays to keep things organized in groups. They are not expensive and they are shallow. Shallow containers allow for more ease when actually applying your makeup. No one wants to dig through bins at 6am when they are trying to get ready for work. No thanks! 

On the left, Brian keeps his grooming items. All of my items are in acrylic trays as well as sturdy cardboard boxes (that I reused from my Glossy Box subscription... the boxes they pack the Glossy box in are amazing!!! 

The center tray is organized based on things I use the most... mascara, eyeliner, small eye shadows, etc. 

On the far right, I have a deeper tray where I keep some lip products and bronzer/primer. 

The nitty gritty of placement is going to depend on the individuals needs. My advice is to keep things in groups that make sense.

Pictured above are my shadow palettes. They are so frustrating to store one on top of the other because of the digging that occurs when I'm looking for a specific palette. So, I stand them up and organize them in this reused Glossy Box (That's one of those make up subscriptions I used to get monthly and the boxes are amazing!) These palettes are not used on a daily basis so this little box sits in the back of my drawer and I pull it out when I need it. 

Well, there ya have it! I hope this has inspired you to get your makeup organized! 

Have any comments, questions or ideas? Please leave them in the comments below!

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