Sunday, December 4, 2016

Decorating a Tree...

There are many ways to tackle this festive tradition and I thought it would be fun to share how I decorate our trees! You can check out my skinny tree in my family room here. 

This post will be dedicated to our main tree in the living room. It allllll started when I declared that this would be the year we buy a pre-lit tree. Every year, I take an hour to TRY and perfectly string lights on an un-lit tree and I'm over it. 

So, we chose a 7.5 Pre-Lit Englewood Pine Tree from Lowes. It's gorgeous! ;) The great thing about this tree... it has options! Colored lights for Brian and white lights for me! :) 

I keep to a theme... silver, navy blue and pink to match the decor in the living room. 

Tree decorating is done in layers:
  • Plain bulbs
  • Decorative bulbs
  • Ornaments
  • Sparkly twigs/florals

So, I start with plain bulbs. 

I take my plain "filler" bulbs and place them evenly around the tree. Look at the tree in 3 parts and focus on even placement. I can't stress this enough. I have 8 pink plain bulbs... I used a zig zag pattern to make sure that pop of pink from the plain bulbs is evenly placed. (Don't worry- I have more pink stuff!!!)

Next step, taking my "decorative bulbs" and placing them evenly around the tree. Again, making sure these bulbs are placed evenly around the tree. 

These are only a few of my decorative bulbs... but try and find various shapes and sizes. It adds interest to your tree. It's just like decorating a house. Texture and interest! I found beautiful pink mercury glass bulbs at HomeGoods along with these white sparkly bulbs with deer on them! I LOVE deer and antlers!!! 

After decorative bulbs, I add pretty ornaments. 

These guys are my FAVE! I have birds, sparkly snowflakes, a deer with antlers... so fun!

Final step... sparkly twigs, berries and florals! I also found silver antlers on sticks!!! Most of these were purchased at either Michaels or Hobby Lobby. 

***Disclaimer... I moved bulbs and ornaments around for an entire week before I was pleased with the final outcome! :)

Ready for the reveal?????? 

Hope this helps and/or inspires your tree decorating!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

xo- Cyndi

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