Monday, March 7, 2016

Pineapple Perfection

May I introduce you to the pineapple?! A super sweet, juicy and delicious fruit found in tropical regions. Have I changed my blog concept from decor to food you ask? No, no, no people. Never! This cute, yellow fruit is simply my latest decor obsession! Did you know the pineapple is a symbol of warm welcomes and hospitality? An even BETTER reason to have at least one in your home. 

I spotted a super cute, white pineapple on Instagram not too long ago and was totally intrigued. I love quirky little statements, such as artichokes, deer antlers and golden animals but a pineapple had been uncharted territory in the Hochstaedt Home... until NOW. 
I found the perfect, little, yellow pineapple at Hobby Lobby and just knew that it had to come home with me! 

In an effort to avoid turning my house into a pineapple plantation, I "window" shopped and found some pineapple decor at Homegoods to share. Shopping and snapping pictures helps me to not buy as much. It's good. 

These throw pillows were only $19.99. I was tempted to buy that white and silver one for our bedroom but, I passed. Trying to be good. 
Really fun for spring/summer! The inserts are feathers, which are the best kind of pillows... In my opinion. 

 Filled with potpourri, this metallic pineapple almost had a new home. But again, I'm being good.  :) 

These little boxes are perfect for organizing pictures, paperwork, stationery and office supplies. Paperwork and stacks of printed photos can be such an eye sore on a book shelf or even in a closet but putting them in a fun, bright box is a great solution. 

Pineapples on the web:

Are you into the pineapple? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by. Until next time!!!


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