Saturday, January 23, 2016


One of my favorite activities is to rearrange shelves. It brings me great joy to clear and redo without spending a dime! That is why shelves are one of my favorite decor accents. You can change their look frequently by simply moving pieces from around the house. 

A year ago, I wrote a post about shelf styling. You can check it out here. There is great advice on placement with a diagram and some arrows . All good stuff! Since then, I have changed this shelf LITERALLY 15 times. I will let you in on a little secret... I love change. It brings me great joy to change things. My husband once asked me if we could leave everything in the entire house the same for just ONE month. I made no promises and he only asked that one time. I think I'm off the hook. #GoodMan

Last March, I did a little family room makeover, which allowed me to spruce up my bookshelf by adding some funky elements and much more color. 

After revamping this room (See Family Update on a Budget) I have been able to really have fun with color, gold animal figurines, animal prints and pillows. Rearranging the bookshelf and changing out the pillows every few months keeps things exciting and new. 

A few tips:
  • ALWAYS clear the entire bookshelf. Starting with a clean slate will give the best results. Trust me. 
  • Use books to add depth and height. Place decorative pieces on top of books.  
  • Arrange the books in different ways. Some stacked side by side, some in piles. 
  • Arrange items by color. All blue books together, all white magazines together, etc. 
  • Keep the shelf balanced by alternating items on different sides of different shelves... example: top shelf- books on the right, next shelf- books on the left, middle shelf- books on the right. 
  • Don't be afraid!!! Worst case? It looks bad and you have to try again. 
  • Take risks: I used a real deer skull and antlers on the top shelf. It's weird but I LOVE it. :)
  • Use what you love! After all, that's my "blog motto". 

Shelf Product List: (top to bottom)
  • Boxwood- (HomeGoods: $20)
  • Deer Head/Antlers- (My Dad found it in the woods: free lol)
  • Various Books- (Use what you have)
  • Golden Antelope- (Hobby Lobby: no longer available. great substitute
  • Blue Candle- (HomeGoods: $8)
  • Golden Turtle- (Target: $15 sold out ---> similar here
  • Black and White Vase- (Target: One Spot $3)
  • Blue Frame- (HomeGoods: $6)
  • Green and Black "Our Family" art- (Hobby Lobby)
  • White ceramic egg- (Target: no longer available)
  • Gold Wire Magazine Holder- (Target: One Spot $3)
Anyone else uber passionate about their shelf styling? Share your ideas and pictures in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. 

If you're in the NorthEast, STAY WARM!!!! It's awful outside right now!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!


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