Sunday, November 29, 2015

Master Bathroom Shower Renovation

A looooong time ago,  (truly... like well over a year ago) we had a leak in our kitchen ceiling. After 2 lovely holes cut out of the ceiling and a $150 visit from a plumber, we discovered it was the master bathroom shower. All it needed was new grout- all the pipes were fine, which was a relief. So, we got a quote for new grout which was reasonable but for some reason, we held off. No CLUE why- it was actually rather annoying but we just used our guest bathroom to shower for over a year until deciding to re-do the ENTIRE shower versus just re grouting. We had these grand plans but it was going to cost a legit fortune. So, we met with a few different contractors, heard their ideas before choosing Kinsey Contracting here in Morris County, NJ. He had wonderful reviews on Angie's List and gave us the most competitive price! 

Sneak peak the outcome... OMG, I KNOW! :) 

I wanted to share the process with before, during and after pics. It's incredible the difference a new shower made. 

The before! 
We truly loathed this shower... could be it how tiny it is? Maybe the foggy, plastic, rippled enclosure? Or the giant metal frame? 

Every contractor who looked at this shower asked the same question, "Why did the builder put this shelf on the outside of the shower? Where do you guys keep your soaps and shampoo?" Our answer... "THE FLOOR!" 

Ok, so demo day was, ummmmmm... interesting! I was mostly worried about dust, dust and more dust. I cleared EVERYTHING out of this bathroom before Dan, our contractor, began. Towels, all decorative items, cleared the counter... they came out!

Basically, Dan just cut out the old shower. Here are some pics... 


Then, he added a WEDI water proof shower system. It's better than cement and sheetrock and only cost us about $100 more. 

Here are some pics of the WEDI up... 

DAY 2- WEDI system

Griff was really confused!

DAY 4- tile floor, sans grout

Next, he tiled the floors. We went with these geometric white tiles. They came in 1 square foot sheets. Click here for the exact tiles, purchased at Lowes.

We decided to go with a grey grout which is such a nice contrast against the white. We went with the darker grey, Dove Grey grout.

DAY 5- tile up, sans grout

We chose white subway tiles from Lowes. Here is a link to the ones we choose. We went simple... :) and most cost effective :) :) 

DAY 7- final day!!!!

*** Glass enclosure is custom so we are waiting for that to come in. We chose 7 foot, frameless glass. 

Tiling to the ceiling was my husband's idea and I am SO glad we did. It makes the shower look HUGE!!! The shelf will actually be INSIDE the shower once it's completed

Love the contrast of the grey and white... plus the grey marble adds such richness to the shower. I literally look at the shower 100 times a day!

We are soon happy with the outcome of the shower... 

We choose to make the glass enclosure 7 feet tall and seamless. We also had the half wall INSIDE the shower, to add extra space and a shelf for shampoo and soap. (Our original shower had the half wall on the outside of the shower... so bizarre! 
We also added some floating shelves above the toilet... REALLY happy with these, as well. :)

If you have any questions about the prices of everything/anything, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog! I'd be happy to share!

Until next time...



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