Saturday, May 30, 2015

Swoon worthy bedside table

One thing I cheap out on are bedside tables. I don't really know why- but I have never invested more than $50 in one. Recently inspired by some gorgeous pieces on instagram, I decided it was time to hunt for a mirrored, bedside chest. 

Naturally, I headed over to HomeGoods and literally hit the jack pot. I had tons to choose from... here are some of the pieces I discovered. 




I really love the top right but it was too tall and a really deep brown which could potentially not work in the master bedroom. 

I went with the bottom piece and am thrilled with my decision. It's glamorous, practical and such a statement. Plus, it's my birthday gift from my Momma! <3 

 Anyone else typically cheap out on bedside tables? Or do you get something amazing? Leave comments below and thanks for stopping by!