Friday, April 10, 2015

Tips & Tricks

I always say, "If you love it, then it works!" but there are some tricks that everyone should know. I've complied a few to share on the blog.

Let's start with my favorite tip- one that I tell EVERYONE who asks...

#1- Paint with neutral colors. Neutral tones keep rooms bright and airy and makes them feel spacious. My favorite reason though- decorating flexibility. There is only so much that goes with a bright orange wall color but a Taupe-Grey shade (my entire home, minus the kitchen) looks gorgeous with every single color! Remember, you can always do an accent wall and it doesn't have to be painted. Check out my Striped Accent Wall and my Wall Stencil Project

#2- Mirrors. Use them... in Really! This goes along with that spacious, bright idea I went with in #1. Light reflects off of mirrors and can open up a space. 

#3- Less is more. I know, we all love little "things" on our shelves, ottomans and end tables but too much clutter creates an overwhelming space and the eye can't focus. My solution, you ask? Rotate them! I have seasonal rotations so I can enjoy the things I love but then take a break from them and use something else. 

#4- Statement piece. Have something the eye can focus on in a room. I usually suggest area rugs, artwork or a great piece of furniture. 

#5- Mix it up. Combine patterns and textures to create visual interest. Check out my Pattern Combinations Post Here

#6- Don't always match. You don't need matching end tables, matching lamps and matching pillows. ^Mix things up with patterns, colors and textures. This is why I love the transitional decor style- I get to mix up traditional pieces with sleek, contemporary looks. 

#7- Keep scale in mind. Don't get gigantic pieces if your room can not handle it. I recently did a family room make over because the furniture was just way too big for the space and the "after" results are incredible! Check it out here. On the flip side, if you have a huge room with high ceilings, don't get a bunch of tiny little pieces. This results in a cluttered look. 

What's your go to tip/trick? Leave some love in the comments below!

As always, thanks for stopping by. 


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