Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sunburst Mirror DIY

Hey all! I spent some serious time in our family room this weekend and I feel really good about the outcome. Sold some furniture, bought a new accent chair for a steal of a price... oh yea, and I made a sunburst mirror. 

Yep... made it. Here's the story. I found this accent chair on clearance but it didn't work with the painting hanging above the old chair. I had always wanted one of these sunburst mirrors but every single one that caught my eye was anywhere from $200-$450. I change things around way too often to spend that kinda money on a piece of art that I will eventually change. 

^ This would be the accent chair. Marshalls clearance, people. Red tag! 

Okay, back to the sunburst. So, I started searching the magnificent world wide web, in search for a DIY sunburst. Found a winner on the Bright Little House blog. Next thing you know, I was in the car headed for the supplies. 

Definitely check out the link of the sunburst project I followed. It was the best one I found... I just went in a different direction towards to end. Let me explain. 

As I teach my student when we write "How-To's", always list your materials first. :)

  • mirror of your choice (I used a $20 round mirror from Walmart)
  • Gold spray paint (Walmart- $4)
  • 14, 36 inch wooden dowels ($0.49 each- Michaels)
  • 28, 12 inch wooden dowels (Pack of 16, $0.97- Walmart)
  • glue gun 
  • 20 glue sticks
I cut the 36 inch dowels in half, leaving me with 28, 18 inch pieces. I started with these and began gluing them to the back of the mirror. 

 I used the screws on the back of the mirror as a guide to create equal space between each dowel. 

I went around the mirror once and then went back around to glue another 18 inch dowel between them. 

Using the screws on the back of the mirror was SO helpful and allowed me to do minimal measuring. 

Once all of the 18 inch dowels were in place, I glued the 12 inch dowels between every 18 inch dowels. Now, this seems quick but I gotta keep it real right now. Gluing those dowels took HOURS. Hot glue is awesome but I had to press down each dowel and wait for it to start drying to ensure it would stick. I have blisters on my fingers to prove it. 

Okay, after those dowels were glued, I taped off the mirror and went to spray paint it. 

Oh em geeeeee! I started freaking out here! Was so happy with the outcome. At this point in the project, I still planned on gluing the little mirrors on the ends. My hubby and I gently placed the sunburst on our ottoman and... snap, snap... SNAP!!! Three dowels popped off and I was like... "No mirrors! I'm done! Let's hang it as is." HAHA! Nervous much? There was a nail in place already, I hung it and literally fell in love! It's a little wider/taller than 3 feet. Totally in love with my mirror!

Even though this took FOR-EV-ER, I love looking at this piece, knowing I made it. I am enjoying it so much and so glad to have stumbled across the Bright Little House Blog

This space is coming along nicely and I can't wait to see it transform. I put my big "H" on the wall, behind the chair, and it looks OH so good!

What is your favorite DIY? Would love to hear all about it!

Any comments or questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Happy Tuesday!

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