Saturday, March 28, 2015

Family Room Update on a Budget

I have slowly been making littles changes to our family room by updating throw pillows and decluttering spaces. I was "egh" about it to begin with because my style has evolved so much since we moved. The family room was a space I didn't create from scratch when we bought our home. I transferred the apartment family room to the new house. 

Here is a quick picture of the family room before... 

Way too cluttered, the space is not being utilized best and all these pieces together are way too big!

Check out the entire family room before, here! It's important to get the big picture to fully appreciate the changes. 

I didn't want to invest a ton of money into this update. In fact, I didn't want to spend any money at all! hehe :) So, I decided to sell a bunch of unused items on Craigs List and I was able to make enough cash to complete this update without spending any money in the bank. YES!

The biggest change was making more space! 

^ AFTER!!!!

The ottoman had to stay. My husband loves the ottoman a lot and we have gotten so much use out of it! It's great for entertaining and storage. Plus, it's super functional. Our sectional sofa seats so many people and it's really comfy. This is our lounge room so we need a lounging sofa. 

Adding this bird pillow from HomeGoods allowed me to incorporate blue into the room. Plus, it's so bright and colorful. Perfect for spring and summer!

Drum freakin' roll... my new chair!
This puppy was on clearance at Marshalls for $199

This blue chair added such great character to this space. This is a great definition of transitional style, which mixes contemporary with traditional. This is a classic wing back chair but the twist is the striking blue with brass nail head detail. It was love at first sight.   :)

Curious about my Sunburst mirror? It's a DIY project I did... check it out here

I am forever changing this shelf... but this shelfie is my favorite!!!

It's busy with books!!!

Griffin and I thank you for stopping by. The difference in this room is pretty amazing, right? If you shop smart and sell things that collect dust in your basement, you can easily update and spend next to nothing!

Leave some love, questions and comments below!



  1. Love your changes. My faves? Love your bookcase arrangement. Fun for switching out. Love the blue chair and all in that corner!! Just a tiny suggestion for balance? Where the sunburst is, I feel a room disconnect. A narrow console or sofa table type piece? That does not add visual weight but anchors that wall as part of the room. Measure how far out you want to go in inches and how wide. Way fair and Amazon and Joss&Main have items but even Pottery Barn has sales for such things. I like having mine as I store things like candles and vases and such. Just a thought?

    1. Hi Gwen!!! Thanks for your comment!!! That bookcase is a fave of mine as well. I actually have refreshed it since and it's magical!!!! If you check out my instagram page, there is a picture of it!

      Your suggestion is spot on!!! I would like a skinny console table of some sort to bring the room full circle. How did you stumble across my blog? I have been terrible about updating lately but your comment has inspired me to start up again! Do you have a blog? I'd love to check it out!

      Thanks again!