Sunday, February 15, 2015

Striped Wall DIY

Raise your hand if you have seen those striped accent walls floating around the world wide web? (insert hand raising emoji here) They are everywhere! I wish I could say that I came up with this idea on my own but alas, I have not.

I love the look of a striped accent wall and how it can be such a "wow factor" in a space. Let's take a look at my home's entry. It is very simple and small. There is no space for a console table or accents of any kind. Peep my entry here to get an idea of the "before". I am a biggggg supporter of a good ole fashion "wow factor" and was ready to spice up the entry way but felt limited due to the size. A crowded, over decorated entry is NOT the first thing I want guests or myself to see when stepping into our home. So, I thought about a striped accent wall, quickly taped off stripes just to get a feel and ran it by my husband. He was skeptical at first, but one "sad puppy face" and we were off to Lowes for supplies!!! (He's the best!!!) 

Since our walls are a taupe grey, I wanted to add white stripes for a bright, fresh, clean look. We chose Valspar Pale Bloom
Materials needed:

  • small roller
  • foam brush (for along the trim)
  • painting pan
  • drop cloth
  • blue painters tape (don't cheap out on this... spend $ and get a good brand like 3M)
First things first... tape off your trim. I chose a strange section of a wall so taping off the trim was a little more detailed. If you are doing a straight wall, tape off your bottom trim and crown moulding, if you have. 
Once your trim is taped off, you're going to need to do a little math. First, measure the length of the wall and divide by how many stripes you want. REMEMBER, odd numbers are a designers friend! I chose 7. Wall length is 96 inches. 96/7= 13.7 so we decided to round to 14 inches a stripe. Instead of marking with a  pencil, I used small pieces of painters tape. 

There is my hubby... hard at work!

Once your marks are set, use a level and tape your lines. 

Then, use your foam brush to paint along the trim to make sure you don't miss any spots. 

Coat one! 

After your second coat, take the tape off before it dries completely and...

There you have it... a striped accent wall! This was clearly a smaller project but it took 1 hour from start to finish! Not too shabby!!!

Anyone feeling inspired to create a striped accent wall? Leave your comments and questions below!


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