Saturday, February 7, 2015

Pattern Combinations

Pattern combinations can be absolutely gorgeous and really transform a space.  Now, it's a fact that some people have an eye for pulling patterns together and some people don't. However... ready for this? The work has already been done for us! Yes, there are "pattern buddies" that designers have almost "pre-packaged" and work well together. So, whether you have a knack for pattern combinations or not, be daring and try it. 

I have put together some general rules as well as some pattern combinations of my own as a guide. 

1. Odd numbers work best but one is too sad. Three is my magic number.

2. Colors- stick to a general tone/scheme. Unless you're designing an elementary classroom, steer away from combining all the colors of the rainbow. 

3. Combining solids and textures with your patterns creates balance. You don't want a space to be overwhelming. Solids allow for equality in a room. 

4. Varying scale creates balance, too. If you are combing three patterns, allow one large, one medium and one small. Or one large, one small and a texture. 

5. Finally, fabric stores have patterns grouped together to ease indecisiveness. Asking for help is always encouraged. 

Here are some combinations. For my fellow design nerds, you will know these names. If not, you can google the images. 

1. Toile, Geometric, Stripes
2. Floral, Stripes, Damask 
3. Geometric, Floral, Chevron
4. Ikat, Polka Dots, Paisley
5. Floral, Geometric, Solid texture
6. Geometric, Paisley, Solid
7. Ikat, Floral, Plaid
8. Two Animal prints (varying scale) and a texture

Now for some visuals. I scanned the house studying my pattern combinations and took some pictures. 

Geometric, Textured Solid and Floral.

Geometric, Textured Solid and Floral.


Geometric, Paisley and Textured Solid. 


Chevron, Floral, Geometric. 


Textured Solid, Textured Solid, Floral. 


Chevron, Graphics, Texture.


These are all guides but I will always encourage myself and others to try things out. I am forever laying out various pillows and fabrics to see what works well. 

Do you have a favorite pattern combo? Please share!!!

xo- Cyndi

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