Sunday, February 1, 2015

Make Your Bed

Over winter break, I had 2 missions. 1- relax. 2- make the bed everyday. Well, I sort of relaxed but I definitely made the bed every single day! 

This whole "bed making" thing is verrrrrry interesting. Some people make their beds every single day while others don't even consider it. My opinion, you ask? MAKE YOUR BED! A well made bed takes your room from slob central to neat and cozy within minutes. You could have crap all over the place then BAM.... you make your bed and the room transforms. 

I recently wanted to change our master bedroom's "look". It was green, purple, black and white. Wait... let me find a picture. 

HA... this is the ONLY picture I can find. It was our first night in our new home. Griffin quickly made himself right at home. lol As you can see, it was really bright and fun. I loved it for years! But over the summer... I woke up one day and needed to change it. 

I knew I wanted WHITE. I wanted everything to look clean and fresh. We have a down comforter that I wanted to cover with a duvet so I began my search. I didn't want to spend more than $100 for the duvet and for a king size bed, that was a challenge. I literally searched for a month and NOTHING. I finally decided to ignore my budget and spend like $300 on Charter club duvet and Euro Shams... and that was WITH coupons. I went home, put it on the bed and HATED it. So, I returned it all and felt much better since it was just way too much money. I do everything for as cheap as possible because I am always changing. Okay, so on my way home from returning the Charter Club stuff, I went to Target because... well, duh, it's Target. DRUM ROLL PLEASE... Found the perfect duvet...Threshold Seersucker Duvet Set. Not only did I fall in love but it was only $79.99 for the duvet and 2 king shams. YES! I rushed to HomeGoods and magically scored 2 gorgeous euro shams and some throw pillows. Want to see pictures? As I show you the pictures, I am going to explain how to create a cozy bed...

I don't know about you, but our bed is a mess while we sleep and relax in it. There is no way around it... it just looks sloppy!

 "Griffin, outta the way."

 Sheets, blankets and comforter with duvet in layers creates more height for a fluffier bed.
Some people fold their comforter over but I pull this to the top. 
 One of the best things about this duvet is that I never have to worry about wrinkles!
 My husband and I love throw blankets but the ones we love the most are hideous! So, I hide them among the layers of pillows. 
 Poor Griff... temporarily kicked out of "his" bed. 
 I take 1 king pillow and 2 standards to start creating depth and layers. And those comfy throws will shortly be covered by more pillows!
 Now the fun part... euro and throw pillows.
 Found these awesome Euro Shams with grey stitching detail at HomeGoods for only $10 each! The moroccan pattern pillow is another HomeGoods find that my husband actually found months ago.
 Add character and texture with a faux fur throw.
 The euro shams are centered and placed in front. I layer largest pillows to smallest pillows... creating a triangle.
The final touch- 3 textured throw pillows.

Click here to tour our master bedroom. Much better pictures ;)

Anyone inspired to make their beds? Leave comments below!



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