Monday, February 16, 2015

Household Splurge!?

Regardless of an individual's financial situation, everybody loves a deal! I buy nothing that's not on sale. Truly! I happen to be a pro at getting things for next to nothing... I call this "free". Like when I come home with another pair of shoes and tell my husband "OMG, they were practically FREE!!!" Or I run out to HomeGoods for Euro Shams and find a gorgeous SET for $20... that's $10 each people! (Read the WHOLE saga here) Okay, I like change and whether it's changing my clothes or my home, I just like to change it up. I can't do this if I am constantly splurging on high ticket items. 

But this post isn't about finding things on the cheap... there are millions of blog posts about finding deals. We all know about the Hobby Lobby 40% coupon on "Retail Me Not" and teachers know about the extra 15% off your Michaels purchase. Frankly, with stores like HomeGoods and Target, it's actually fairly easy to find beautiful things for a steal. 

This post right here... this post is about the splurge. There are things in the world that don't go on sale simply because they don't have to. I would like to share my splurge. 

I've had my eye on MacKenzie Childs Courtly Check kitchen assessories for a while. There is something about it that makes my eyes twinkle. It's probably more of a twitch but twinkle sounds better. I would look online for hours and put items in my cart but never take the plunge. But one day, my husband took the plunge for me! Somehow, he remembered every piece I wanted and ordered them for our 3rd anniversary. I was so surprised and let me tell you, this splurge was worth it! It completed our kitchen and I enjoy the heck outta each piece. 

And a little tip for splurging. Sell the stuff you don't use anymore and put it toward a splurge! Over the summer, I posted furniture we don't use on CraigsList and made some $$$. I also sell bags, clothes, jewelry and shoes I don't use anymore on the PoshMark app! It's GREAT and simple! 

I would LOVE to know how you splurge around your home! Please leave a comment below!

Also, be sure to check out the gorgeous items at MacKenzie-Childs

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