Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Cozy, Bright Family Room

When I hear family room, I think of "cozy and bright". I make our dark, family room furniture work by adding bright accessories on the bookshelf, faux fur for texture and bright throw pillows! 

Griffin the ham! 

I have been looking at a ton of bookshelves online and found some great bookshelves with much more books than decor items. So last night, I made it a point to focus on books for the bookshelf. I gathered the books and magazines I wanted to use and stacked them first. After stacking and placing my books/magazines, I went back to fill in the spaces. 

 That sea urchin is actually wall decor but I love the way it looks on top of these books. It's just a little something extra! Target Sea Urchin 

I was ready for a little pop of spring so I scooped up that white egg at Target and used it as a book end. Find it here

Anyone else craving spring?

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