Saturday, January 3, 2015

Shop around the house...

What's that sound? Ohhhh right... the "post Christmas lull". Usually I am uber depressed after I put away the plethora of Christmas decor during my delicious winter break (teacher life... gotta love it) but this year I enjoyed it! I cleared EVERYTHING! I even pulled stuff off the walls! I use those Command Strips to hang smaller things. They are the bomb-dot-com in my opinion. My husband hangs everything for me because he is a perfectionist who literally does math on paper prior to hanging in order for the item being hung to be perfectly even and centered. I, on the other hand, eye ball... sometimes it works out great! Anyway, these Command Strips are perfect for me because I can hang smaller things without fear of making 18 holes before getting it right. 

Back to my "post Christmas" clean up. I cleared everything out and just moved stuff around. I de-cluttered, moved topiaries, candles, hanging decor, faux flowers, furniture swaps, ceramic garden stools and so much more! After the holidays, that last thing we want to do is spend more $ so shopping around your own home is fiscally responsible.  :) 

You can see tons of home pictures here on Around My House. It's impossible for me to keep this updated because I change things around weekly. Not kidding. My Instagram feed is to the right-----> which usually has weekly changes. 

Three of my favorite "post Christmas" changes were in the formal living room, the comfy family room and the bedroom. I took a garden stool from the staircase landing and moved it next to a side table in the living room.  
I REALLY wanted a glass console table for in front of the window but the space isn't big enough. I have had that little table for years- it was $12 on clearance at TJMaxx and it doesn't owe me a thing! That ceramic garden stool has been ALL over the house but for now, it lives in the living room. I really love it here! I also flip flopped the chaise lounge and chair and added a faux sheep skin rug to the chair for texture. I was inspired by Crazy Chic Design to use these rugs on furniture. These rugs are EVERYWHERE lately. They are all Safavieh but I scoop them up at HomeGoods for $16.99. Now I have 5 and I can't stop! Good thing they aren't breaking the bank! 

In the family room, I got rid of all the Christmas sparkle, mantel garland, lights, etc. I had that "H" and Fleur de lis on a wall when you walk into the house but I was over them in that location. Thanks to my handy Command Strips, I took those suckers right off and decided to make a little collage on the side of the TV. It just looks so clean and neat. 
There was a lot going on with my night stand. A tray, a little silver owl, greenery, candles, books, silver sphere, and lamp. I cleared it all and went for a "less is more" approach. Moved the flowers from my dresser to the night table, added this adorable Kate Spade candle my hubby got me for Christmas, kept the lamp and stacked some of my night time reads. DONE. Very happy with outcome. 

I encourage everyone to clear out and shop around their own home! The best strategy is to clear the space you want to spruce up and just keep placing until you are happy. Sometimes I move things around for an hour before I am truly happy. Remember that if you are placing things in a cluster, it should be odd numbers... 3 is the most common. 

Happy New Year and thanks for stopping by! 


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