Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shelf Styling and Placement

I have found the most common question I am asked is how to style a shelf/bookcase. Now, I have very little professional interior design knowledge so what I do is based on my own design research and what I have learned from my Mom, Nanny and Auntie. This Auntie I speak of actually studied interior design in college and one night we were up until 2am (don't ask) and she started teaching me all about design. It was pretty neat because I then started to understand why I place things where I do and why I like certain things. 

So with that, I have a few quick tips for shelf styling. 

Clear everything off your shelf FIRST. 

Now, a lot of placement is trial and error but after I styled my shelf I thought about where I put things and WHY I put them there. I made a diagram for a visual of my thought process.    :)

Here are some more shots...

 I feel like this side of the family room never gets enough attention so I snapped a pic!

In honor of my Sunday Shelfie, share your comments below!


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