Sunday, January 4, 2015

Gallery Walls

I love a good gallery wall. They are trendy, different and can totally reflect the homeowner's personality. A gallery wall is like a mash-up of eclectic things, odd frames, "extra" pieces, the missing match from a pair, sentiments and memories. 

I have done a few gallery walls before and was ready for another gallery wall project. The stairs and upstairs hall are empty. The hallway is ok for now (originally this was going in the hall but I changed my mind) but the staircase really needed something. It has a landing with a console table but the walls are so high and it just looks empty and sad. So, I started by going through things I had that aren't being used. I gathered a mirror I recently took down from the family room after my "post Christmas" clean up (See post Shop Around the House) and also found some frames I was storing away. I went to Michaels first and found this framed key picture. Then, I hit up Homegoods and the first thing I spotted when I walked in was a bronze-ish ram! I LOVE this trend! (see Doe a deer post) Just so cool to me so I scooped him up and then roamed the art isle. Found a great, framed print for only $9.99 and a rustic @ sign. Had a gift card and rewards coupon so I only spent $20 at HomeGoods! Yay! I hit up World Market to restock my pantry with delicious goodies and ended up finding the cutest nesting dolls in the most perfect shade of hot pink (for the living room. Check it out here.) AND THEN I found a blue frame with a cameo print! Gallery Wall perfection right there... Oh and it was ON SALE! #thanks

Last spot was Target where I found a Nate Berkus frame on clearance for only $3.88. Love when that happens!

Here is a picture of the empty wall. Booooooring!!! Zzzzzzzz...

After the shopping comes the hard part... placement! I lay everything out on the floor first. 

I play around until I like the placement... 

I loved how this looked but going up stairs it would look strange so I made it more diagonal. 
When making a gallery wall, be sure to take inventory of your objects and scatter items to create a balanced look. The cool thing about a Gallery wall, in my opinion, is that there is no "right or wrong". If you love it, then BINGO! 

Now, I don't really have patience so I kinda wing it when sticking to the wall. I used one nail to hang the metal @ sign and the rest I hung with Command Strips. There are tons of free "level tool apps" which is the extent of my perfectionism. I started with the left hand side and worked my way up the stairs. I ended up changing halfway through... here is the final result! 

I scattered the 3 biggest pieces... left, middle and right that way it didn't look unbalanced.

I always say that the world is your oyster so this was perfect! And for only $9.99 a deal and a half!

I ended up needing one more little thing so I hung this awesome anniversary card my husband got me last year. I want to frame it but for now, this works.

I ended up finding the cutest cameo in a blue frame from World Market. The blue frame matched the @ sign so perfectly... it was totally meant to be!!!! 

Gives the staircase SO much character and I love that it is viewable from the downstairs. In fact, as soon as you walk through the door, you can see it! I love that!!! 
Here is a smaller gallery wall I did months ago in the master bedroom. 

I also did a more traditional gallery wall in my parent's house. LOVE the way this turned out!!! My mom did all of the hanging.   :) 

Anyone inspired to do a gallery wall? They are ALL over the web; blogs, pinterest, instragram, google image. You can do a whole gallery wall with framed art work from your kids school projects, baby pictures, old family photos... the possibilities are endless! 

Thanks for stopping by and happy hanging!


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