Friday, January 9, 2015

$9 Laundry Room Art!

I love my laundry room and it's barely decorated! Why do I love my laundry room so much? Well, because sometimes things need to just get washed right away and WHO has time to go to the laundromat-fo-that?!? ( see what I did there... :) 

My laundry "room" is more like a laundry "closet" which is totally fine by me. (see first sentence ^) It has all of the essentials and it's between the family room and kitchen which is the most lived in area of the house. #love Brian installed some shelves for me when we first moved in, our beautiful front loading washer and dryer arrived a week after closing and that was that. 

A few days ago, my mom told me she wants to do a laundry room make over project. Now, homegirl has a room unlike my closet. My eyes grew bright at the thought of helping her with her project. (We have a shopping date tomorrow for said project.) I immediately went online and while pinning laundry room ideas, I stumbled across these ADORABLE laundry room prints for FREE by Shabby Creek Cottage. < You can print yours for free by clicking the link. 

I just can't get enough! I love them! I saw them and knew I had to have them! I followed the owner's advice, blogger Gina, and had them printed at Staples for $0.22 each and then picked up 4 clipboards for $2. Less than $10 for this cute little spice up isn't too shabby if you ask me!

I, of course, hung with Command strips which I had on hand already. 

Before picture...

After picture!

I added some mason jars filled with typical laundry room goodies. Scooped up everything from the Dollar Tree for.......................... you guessed it, $1 !!!!!!!!

I also organized cleaning supplies, rags and dusters in these bins from the Dollar Tree. I have them categorized household, dusters/rags and laundry. I might get cute label stickers to stick on the bins. :) 

I literally clipped the prints onto the clipboard and then stuck them to the wall. It might have taken 2 minutes. 

We have a wicker laundry basket upstairs but I like to keep a small one in the laundry room for downstairs for bathroom and kitchen towels. 

What does your laundry room look like? I can't wait to start my Mom's laundry room project and share on the blog. 

Thanks for checking in and be sure to comment below. 


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