Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wall Stencil Project

If you're new to my blog, you will quickly learn how obsessed I am with the moroccan tile pattern. If you are a fan of my blog, well... you know my obsession is real. 

Two of my favorite spaces in our home are the living room and dining room. You can check them out here. I wanted to jazz up the dining room a little... preferably an accent wall! I thought about navy blue but with the navy blue curtains hanging on the adjacent wall, it wouldn't work. So, I decided on a stencil!!! Here is a "before the project" picture...

Before the stencil project! (Removed the mirror)

Materials. The stencil which can be found here at Hobby Lobby mentioned using stencil adhesive but I found that good old fashion tape worked best.

I used a metallic paint for a subtle look rather than a bold color, like navy blue. At the corners of the stencil, there are 4 little triangles that you lightly mark with pencil to use as a guide in order to ensure everything matches up correctly. The instructions are always on the back of the stencil for reference.

My hubby is the BOMB and does such a meticulous job when hanging paintings, mirrors, etc so he had his marks on the wall from hanging the mirror which I was able to use to determine where to start the stencil. When stenciling an entire wall, you must start in the middle and at the top of the wall.

Here is a "half way done" picture!

Subtle with just enough accent!

90% finished! I just have to complete the sides which is going to require either cutting the stencil or making a crease because there are only a few inches left on either side of the wall left to stencil. I need my Momma for that! :) 

Close up

The thing about stenciling is the imperfections. Just like everything else, practice makes perfect so I am sure every stenciling project will get better and better from here on out. I noticed that some tiles are darker than others, leaving some lighter than others but that's what gives it character and I dig it.  

From a distance. It's just enough to be an accent wall without being over powering or too much. (If you look closely, there are a few inches on both sides that need to be finished and then I am DONE!)

I am SO happy with the results! What do you think? Any questions? Please leave your comments below!!!

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