Monday, July 7, 2014

The Power of Curtains!

Curtains serve more than just one purpose. The moment the right curtains are hung, your space will completely change. I speak from experience. 

I couldn't decided what I wanted to do with my Family Room curtains. We have Levolor Cordless Cellular Shades throughout the entire house so I wasn't in a rush to get curtains hung for privacy reasons. The shades are a dream and after a few curtain shopping trip fails, I just sorta stopped looking. I looked online here and there but had no success. I always scoped out HomeGoods but again, found nothing that made me swoon. 

I did find orange patterned curtains from Pier1 but decided they were way too bright. So, I left the hardware bare... 

 Then yesterday at TJMaxx... 

there they were!

They totally completed the space. First of all, they came with 2 panels for $29.99. I KNOW! I paid more for my Target curtains!
 I bought 4 panels, to play it safe and only ended up using 2. (Thanks to my best friend who said I better scoop them up because we ALL know how these stores can be... turn your head for one second and someone bought the thing you wanted!) These curtains aren't too much and create the final touch to FINALLY complete this room! 

They are a sheer material with a burlap type thread to create the moroccan tile pattern. 

There are many ways to hang curtains. In some rooms, curtains can even be the focal point, like my Dining Room. In other rooms, like my Living Room, they are just the thing to make the room "whole". 
In the Dining Room window, I bought 2 panels (1 for each side), pulled back and held with HoldBacks that I found at Bed,Bath&Beyond. In the Living Room, I went with a fuller look (2 panels on each side) and left them hanging behind the couch. 

In the bedroom, since the windows mirror each other on either side of the bed, I acted as if it was one large window. I used 1 panel for each window and bunched on opposite sides. 

I love endlessly searching decor blogs and other sites to see image after image of all the different ways to complete a space with curtains. Don't be afraid to buy and try by hanging them... just keep the receipt and return if it doesn't work! ALWAYS measure your windows and the length from the top of the window to the floor to ensure you get the look you desire. 

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