Monday, July 14, 2014

It's ALL about the details...

Well, as a newbie DIYer I am starting small and taking it slow. There are TONS of things to get done around the house aside from decorating. I am doing my first furniture refurb which is exciting. You can read about the piece I am working on here. I went to Hobby Lobby today. (It's been a good year since I was there last... I know, don't judge!) It was like a DIY/decorate overload in my brain.

Now, remember when I said I am a newbie DIYer starting SLOW? Well, I wasn't kidding! I have 2 major projects in my foreseeable future but in between, I am doing little things to make what I already have, BETTER! One of my favorite Hobby Lobby isles is the knob isle. I LOVEEEE pulls and knobs, especially when they are fancy, pretty and unique! 

There is a plain jane side table in the living room. It totally works, it was a great deal and it holds my fav hurricane glass lamp and some pretty things. It has one drawer... wait, here it is! 

Ok, so it's standard. 

Silver, round, average knob. Don't hate it- don't love it.
But then I found this! 

Ooooo... sparkly!!!!
So, here is a very small DIY project. Took a few minutes but like I said, it's all in the details. A sparkling knob is a tiny detail that adds character and makes a standard "same old same" end table a little unique! 

I turned the original knob to the left until it came off. 

There was a screw that I just pulled out from the back after removing original knob. The new knob I chose doesn't have a base that will rest against the table and the original did which left that circle. I just cleaned with a damp cloth and it wiped right off.

Remove the nut from the screw of the knob and slip into existing hole. When you turn to the right, it will just keep turning. From the inside of the drawer, put the nut on the screw and twist it as far as you can.

Because this hole was deep, I used a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the nut in place while I twisted the knob to the right until it was completely tight. 

The change is by no means drastic, but it makes a small different and shall I say, it is ALL about the details! This knob was $2.49 and it makes me really happy to look at! Gotta live with that you love! <3 

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