Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Doe a Deer...

I can't get enough of these metal/ceramic animal heads. It's getting out of control... Every time I see one, I want it! 

Likeeee this one... I LOOOOOOVE THIS!!!!!! (swoon) 

Found this bad boy on Houzz

Design Sensibility's  post entitled "Obsessions/Faux Taxidermy" made me cry tears of joy for obvious reasons. 

TidbitsandTwine posted about faux animal heads here. Great images and finds! 
Whether this is a trend or not, I am totally digging it. My father has many deer heads, a bear rug and antlers all over his office! So far, I have gone for a "chic metallic" faux animal head look but I am going to bring in some more rustic looks for the fall. My mom is ready for a shiny gold deer head to put somewhere, like the one at ZGallerie. LOVE!

This little guy was a TJ Maxx find... $9.99! I just needed to have him!

I was going to add him to my deer head/empty frame collage but decided he would look great in the living room.
I used these awesome clear hooks from Command. I hang so many things with either Command hooks ORRRR those velcro tabs! Love em.

Here is another shot of my deer/frame collage. This was a very affordable project. The head was $19.99 from HomeGoods, the mosaic tile mirror was $12 from Target and everything else was a reuse that I had sitting in a closet. I laid everything out on the floor first, played around until it was right. 

I did a great empty frame/photo collage for my parent's house a few months back. Came out awesome! I have to get over there and take some pictures to share. 

Anyone else jumping on the faux animal head wagon? Share comments or pictures below!

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