Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DIY Embellished lampshade

I was feeling crafty today so I started digging through closets and craft drawers. I came across an Ikea lampshade and base that used to be in the bedroom. It's kinda boring and I wanted to make it better! So, I hopped in the car and headed to JOANN fabrics and made it better. 
Now, I'm not sure it will live in our bedroom again... BUT it was so much fun to make, SUPER easy and I'm really happy with the outcome. 

Here is everything I needed for the project. 

I chose a basic black trim. It was $1.99 a yard. 

I chose purple, black and white floral embellishments to go against the green shade. JOANN fabrics had some on clearance for .97 cents. The most expensive was $3.99. 

I used Fabri-Tac to apply everything. Works so well!


I started at the seam of the shade, applied a generous amount of fabri-tac in a straight line and firmly pressed down on the black trim. I glued a few inches at a time to ensure I didn't mess up.

Did both the top and bottom the same way. 


I took some scotch tape and placed on the backs of the floral appliqués.

I tried laying the appliqués out on the table top but I couldn't get a good gauge on placement so I just taped them to the lampshade.

Placed in the design I wanted. 

Before you glue, make SURE you are happy with the placement of your embellishments. Then glue away!


The white embellishment closest to the bottom originally had a bow on the sides but I didn't like it while it was taped sooooo... I cut it off!

There are soooooo many different types of embellishments and trims you can find to spice up an old lampshade! Have you ever spiced up a lampshade? Leave some love in the comments below!


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