Thursday, July 10, 2014

A little DIY project...

My husband scored me a little summer DIY project! His parents are in the middle of a move and they had this old trunk they were getting rid of. 

It has good bones but in need of some TLC. Before I even figure out what I want to do with this bad boy, I want to see what's under the dust and green paint. So, after some research here are my first 3 steps... 
1. Clean it up! I need to vacuum the dust, get a rag and really try to dismiss all of the particles on the trunk. 
2. Sand it! Once I sand the paint down, then I think I have to...
3. Strip it! 

This is my very first solo furniture refurb (My mom did a bunch while I was growing up and I always "helped" her... by watching! HA!) so I am going to research more but I thought it would be neat to share the "before" and then do some "during" posts and a big "after" reveal. I am also curious to see how my mind changes while I am working on this project. Right now I am thinking about painting it... but what if I end up staining it? Or I could pick a fabric and make a cushion for the top as alternate seating?! The possibilities are endless. 

I would love to hear what you would do and any advice you may have!!! Please leave your comments below!!!!

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