Sunday, March 23, 2014

Brighten up a space

I find myself trying to make things work, just because I love them. I love the idea of displaying pretty little "things" in a china cabinet, but I'm not into the look of a china cabinet. It just doesn't go with the look I'm working towards. My husband and I opted for a server to house our china, silver, stemware, etc. Naturally, I was excited for the top space to decorate. I kept adding things that I loved but they were all so dark. I knew something was wrong with this room but I didn't make any changes... until yesterday.  The very things I parted with were dark and did nothing for the space. The things I replaced were not only appropriately pretty for a dining room but, they added so much brightness to the space! Check out the changes and let me know what you think. 

I found that dessert stand for $12 on clearance... ALWAYS check clearance! ALWAYSSSS!!!

Mirrors always add wonderful light to a room. The wall with the mirror will be undergoing a majorrrrr project during my spring break... Two hints... Morrocan tile and stencil!!! ekkkkkk!!!!

The teapot is so "Alice in Wonderland". Can't get enough!
You can see the previous look here

 Looking to brighten up your spaces? Check out this great article on Houzz here.

Happy Brightening!!!!


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