Sunday, February 9, 2014


My first design blog post!!! I am so excited to see where the "home decorating blog world" takes me. How should I start? Well, I guess I should begin with why I have decided to start a home decorating blog. My profession is not in design... actually the complete opposite. I am an educator. I love my career choice and am not looking for a switch. My husband and I recently closed on our first home back in October. Since then, there have been a flood of visitors. Every time someone comes to see the house I hear, "You should be an interior designer." Now, I know good and well that I am NO professional designer. I also have kept in mind that these comments have come from family and very good friends which means that they are being sweet and complimentary. I am also 100% sure that my style is not for everyone. I have no formal training on design however, I am decisive. I know exactly what I want. When I help another woman decorate her space, I listen to everything she says she wants and work to guide in the right direction. 

I always used to envy my Mom and Nanny growing up. They knew exactly what they were looking for, where to put it and how to place it.  I have learned that skill, although it came with a ton of practice. I feel like so many woman just can't make up their minds. Then once their minds are made up, they don't know how to execute. With the internet, woman and men can peruse millions of sites offering tips, how-to's, ideas, DIY's, and then scope out picture after picture after picture. But does that really make up their minds? Or just add to the confusion? 

It's time to get decisive! Week by week, I will spark the creative decorating juices being held captive inside of you and share some of my secrets. For me, a major part of creating a space you can use and love is trial and error. You have to be willing to make mistakes! Another great tool is a picture. I have spent countless hours online, "google imaging" various decor ideas and room layouts. A major part of this blog will be sharing pictures, not just of my home, but your home, too! Each week, I will feature a room or two from friends, family and fellow home obsessed peeps. 

In honor of my first post, I am going to share a few spaces in our new home. 

Welcome to my living room. This living room/dining room combo is my favorite space. Navy blue is my newest color obsession. There is something so regal about navy blue and I can't get enough. That "painting" on the wall- it's one of those painting prints- was a bizarre find at Bob's discount furniture in the back corner of the last, little room. I saw that blue and fuchsia and thought, "This could really work!" 

I love the light that comes in through these windows. That is such a major component when designing your room. What is the light like and how will that play a role in your decor choices? 

This would be Griffin. He will certainly be making appearances. He is SUCH a ham! The ceilings are 9 feet tall. Ceiling height is another thing to be aware of. 

This is where it ALL started. This room was inspired by that Lenox Botanical Butterfly vase. That was a gift from my amazing "sissy" Brittney Nicole (She's not my sister....... yet :) at my bridal shower. I thought it was so beautiful and I loved the idea of having these pretty things in my future house. Well, I didn't want to waste these beautiful things Brian and I had received so I packed them all away. Two years later, I unpacked this beautiful vase and decided to pull the cool color theme for my living room and dining room. That's when I decided to use navy blue and cream as my base colors with silver as my metallic. 

Here are a few pictures of the dining room... I made this an extension of the living room. Simple and clean with a few statements. 

Leave some love below!!!

Until tomorrow, 

Cyndi <3 


  1. Love your blog...gotta love an accent color!!!

    1. Thanks!!! Would love pictures of your living room and the teal accent color! That is another one of my favs! Thanks for reading and spread the word!!!

  2. Share your "italian" themed kitchen too!!!!

    1. Kitchen is the post for today!!!! Kim, what is essential for you in a kitchen?