Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spring anyone?

As I sit in front of my TV, my jaw literally SLAMMED to the ground. NJ... can you believe the news is telling us it will snow AGAIN!?!?! I swear, I can't even deal with this nonsense. I need to spread some "spring has sprung" lovin'. 

So, check this out!!!! 

Ummmm, YES. This is a giant robin's nest! Although mildly ridiculous, this could look really amazing for an Easter/Spring porch theme. 

Just to show you the size of this nest, I stuck my foot in the pic for a comparison. Like my orange, self tanner foot? :) I'm thinkin spring, people.

Check out this gorgeous lantern!!! I love the robin egg blue. So bright and fun... very "springy". Stick some pillar candles and you have an eye popping, statement piece for the side of your sofa, fireplace, entry way, porch... the options are endless.
More lanterns... do you see that price tag? $16.99 for a small lantern is very reasonable. The larger ones range from $24.99-$39.99. All still verrrrry reasonable.

Check out all this green.... mmmmmmm yum!

How are you getting through these awful winter days? Anyone else ready for some spring accents? Let me know in the comment below!!!!



  1. Well... Well daughter has come a long way with the weather.

    1. Someone taught me to ALWAYS WATCH THE NEWS AND WEATHER now that I am a home owning, commuter. :)