Monday, February 10, 2014

Small spaces

There are so many opportunities to create little spaces of joy in a home; that quintessential reading nook, a floor basket filled with throw blankets, lanterns scattered by a fireplace. My favorite "small spaces" would be end table surfaces. It's the perfect place for frames, candles, books, topiaries, vases and so much more. The key to great end table decor is placement. Placement can be a challenge. What I like to do is completely clear the end table I am working with first and then just start playing. I love to stack books, and I almost always have some sort of green plant on my small table surfaces. 

 Mr. & Mrs. picture frame by Kate Spade. Topiary, candles and blue faux book from HomeGoods. I cleared this end table and just played around until I was happy. I love that each piece is a different height. If there are more than 2 pieces, work with odd numbers. 3 or 5 "pretty things" place better than 4. 

I love to place a large, medium and small piece in a cluster. It adds flow to the space and allows each of the pieces to work off each other. Although green is not a color in this room, placing the topiary in that fleur de lis vase pulls the green from the Lenox Botanical Butterfly vase. Then the blue votive pulls the blue from the butterfly vase and ties into the living room. 
Pictures on a hallway table are the best. I love the idea of using different color and texture frames. Adds so much character to a plain hallway. 

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