Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mail? Bills? Coupons? Where does it go?

In my earlier post, I mentioned designating ONE spot for the paperwork that can't be filed away. We have a filing system in our office but I need certain things available for quick access. This should be sorted through every 2 weeks, in order to avoid build up. I keep a 3 section paper organizer in the kitchen for stamps, checks, labels, post-its (I know, such a teacher!), coupons, gift cards, etc. I found this paper organizer at HomeGoods for $9.99. It forces me to stay organized while keeping papers from building up and cluttering the island and counter tops. Also doesn't hurt that it's easy on the eyes. I LOVE anything Fleur de lis! 
How do you organize these things? Where do you keep them? Share by leaving a comment below!

Tomorrow is all about small table top decor... Until then. Good night everyone!

Cyndi <3 

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