Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Designer Desires vs. Bargain Brands... Which do you prefer?

To me, designer clothing and accessories are very different from designer furniture. I'm not a celebrity who needs a $15k ottoman. Honestly, I just want the most beautiful pieces for the best prices. :) This post is actually inspired by my own furniture hunt! When I decided I wanted a cream, tufted couch with nail heads (ummm could I be more specific with my requests?!?) I started the hunt of ALL hunts. I spotted a gorgeous Ethan Allen cream, tufted couch with nail head details... I KNOW! I needed to have it. It was a gorgeous couch with a not so gorgeous price tag of almost $3k. After Ethan Allen, I went to Arhaus and almost broke my neck when I spotted a head turning chaise lounge, that I also NEEDED! That sucker was $1,700. Yeaaa, OK! Those of you who have bought your first home know that unless you are rich, which we are not, then $5k for a couch and a chaise (that will live in a living room that is basically for show) are just not in the cards. 

Since we decided to furnish the entire house right away, I had to be diligent about keeping to our budget. I love finding a deal... literally, it gives me a high. Who needs drugs when you can buy something on sale?! So, I was on a mission after my "inner decorator self" decided I needed both of those pieces. 

For those of you familiar with Bob's discount furniture, it's certainly worth a look. My mom and I went to scope it out one afternoon and to my delight, I found both a chaise lounge I really liked (in a grey, which is what I wanted) AND a tufted, cream couch with nail head detail. Ready for the best part?!?! The chaise was $199 and the couch was $549!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that unreal, or what?!?! I love thinking about things I buy in $20 bills... and my chaise lounge was only 10, $20 bills!!! That amazes me! After this discovery, I did hours of online research looking for cheaper versions of what I envisioned for our home. This is something that takes time and a lot of comparing, searching and researching but it's worth it. 

I have a few visuals to compare a "designer" piece to a "generic" piece. 

The 1st Comparison:  
Ethan Allen Chadwick Sofa vs. Bob's Discount Furniture Victoria Sofa. I am so happy with my beautiful, affordable Bob's Victoria tufted, cream couch! 

Original price- $2,599.00- $2,699.00
Sale Price- $2,289.00- $2,379.00
Original price- $549.00

The 2nd comparison: 
Arhaus Chaise lounge chair vs. Bob's Discount Furniture Elizabeth Chair lounge chair. Again, I am SOOO happy with my Victoria Chaise from Bob's... it's comfy, pretty and only $199! Can't beat that!!! 

Original Price- $1,999.00
Sale Price- $1,399.00
Original Price- $199.00

The 3rd comparison:
There are really not many houndstooth printed chairs out there but when I saw the Arhaus model I was drooling. I was able to find a decent comp for a fraction of the price. Although the price isn't exact, I got an estimate. 

Original Price- $2,399.00
Sale Price- $1,699.00
Roughly $300
Ashley Furniture has sales and specials weekly! 

Just a little fun fact... I spent a little over $1,500 on my living room. Total price! I repeat, I was able to do my ENTIRE living room for half the price of the Ethan Allen sofa. It took time, patience and lots of searching but totally worth it!!!

Many sites like and have designer items for much less as well as discount brands. Which do you prefer? Spending the extra $$$ on the Ethan Allen couch for getting the comparable Bob's version for a fraction of the cost? Leave your comments below! 

Happy Snow Day!!!!



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    1. So glad you found it helpful!!!! Feel free to share this link!!!

  2. I am looking for a cheaper version of the same ethan allen chadwick couch! It looks like Bob's has discontinued it!!! Any other suggestions? Have you come across any other similar and less expensive options in your search?

  3. Hello! Sorry I'm just seeing this post now! If I'm not too late, Bobs has added some new tuffed couches to their collection. Ashley furniture has one that is a little more beige but the material is very difference than a micro suede. Hope you have luck!!!


      This looks like the comparable Bobs replaced the Victoria tufted couch with!

  4. For those of you familiar with Bob's discount furniture, it's certainly worth a look. My mom and I went to scope it out one afternoon and to my ...