Tuesday, February 11, 2014

COLOR!!! It's something I embrace...

Afraid of color?? Try this...

Whether it's clothing or decor, so many woman are afraid of color. There are obvious reasons why color is something people shy away from. Does it clash? Is it too much? Does it over power? The list goes on and on and ON. Now, I can't magically change an individuals opinion on color or give them the eye to make pops of color work in their space. What I can do is help inspire and encourage you all to give color a chance! Ready to dip your toes in the "color pool"? Start with something small, like a candle... or 2 or 3 or 4!

I love candles! In fact, I can't get enough. Candles are great ways to add pops of color and pattern to any space in your home. 

Looooove this purple accent candle I got from a dear friend. Moroccan tile patterns=heaven!

Not so colorful, but striking. Again, moroccan tile patterns are my fav these days.

Love this silver artichoke candle holder and the pop of blue from that gorgeous moroccan tile candle. I CLEARLY have an obsession with moroccan tile!

 I  staggered these 3 pillar candles. One, a textured damask pattern, another a sparkly solid green and the last, a striped gold/copper/bronze sparkle. I love the glitz of a candle with sparkle.

Funky candle holders like this artichoke add a pop of color and character to a space.  

What are your thoughts on color? Share in the comments below!!!

Cyndi <3

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