Thursday, February 13, 2014


Bathrooms! I know, a little strange. When we were apartment living, I could care less about our bathroom. Seriously, it wasn't really impressive. We were fortune enough to have a brand new apartment, so the bathroom wasn't 100 years old. I just didn't spend any time, energy or money making it cute! I decided to save ALL of the bathroom "stuff" we received from our bridal shower, knowing how happy it would make me to open it up whenever we bought a house! So, I did and two years later I was as happy as I thought I'd be. We have three bathrooms in our new home and because I took decorating our house seriously, I obviously had to work on my bathroom visions as well. 

I wanted the half bath to be simple, neutral and classic. Our wall color is a grey taupe which, impressively, looks great with everything! I love the idea of decorating with pretty hand towels- is anyone shocked they have a moroccan tile pattern? Candles always add warmth and that cute little parisian painting added a very tiny bit of color. 
It's small but it does the job! I'm very happy with the outcome.
Guest bath. This was the bathroom "stuff" I saved for over 2 years! I love this Lenox Chirp set. 

Found this accent stool in Target for $30! Such a steal!!!
Master Bath- I LOVE having a vanity! Honestly, I spend so much time in the bathroom doing ALL of the things woman do! (I started really taking care of my skin-anti aging stuff-and let me tell you something, it is VERY time consuming!!!) It's nice to have an area that is super functional and looks good, too! 

Soaking tub and shower! Love the window over the tub- allows for so much light! 

Love using an organizing rack to hold hand towels and soaps. Gives it a "hotel" feel. 

Bathroom organization can be tricky if you don't have a linen closet in the bathroom. I have a fabulously large drawer for all of my products and make up. I use baskets under the sink of hair products. Then, I hit a wall when figuring out where to keep extra towels and toilet paper. My solution? BASKETS! I love baskets. They are so cozy. Here is what I did...

This basket holds our extra towels. 

A friend of mine was showing me a picture of a vertical wall wine rack to hold towels. I thought that was super neat, as well. Where do you store your bathroom essentials? What does your bathroom look like? Share in the comments below!!!! 


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