Sunday, June 24, 2018

Summer Projects

Happy Summer, peeps! I can't believe the school year is over. I feel like I was just setting up my classroom a month ago! (For those of you who don't know, I'm a teacher.) 

Right as school is about the wrap up, I make a list of all the projects I want to tackle over the summer. Here goes it... 

      Yep! It's happening. As adults, we are faced with the daunting task of making choices. This summer's choice was: A) Go on a big summer trip B) Finish the basement. Although I tried my best to get both options to work, my husband quickly reminded me that we went to San Fran/Napa and Austin already this year so I didn't have much pull by saying, "But we haven't been on vacation this year!". 

We chose option B. I'm starting to get really excited about it. Our contractor comes on Tuesday for an initial meeting and then we will get right to work. Can't wait. Started looking at flooring options yesterday. We have decided to tile the floor with those tiles that look like wood. Here is the top choice at the moment. 


It's on clearance which is amazing so I think we should pull the trigger. The part of the basement we are finishing is 12X12 and I really think this flooring would look awesome. Natural Timber Alpine Tile from Lowes 

Another basement project I will be tackling is painting the stairs. Here is what the stairs look like now:

Not terrible. They certainly need to be scrubbed with a magic eraser. But, my vision is THIS...

Not in blues... thinking grey and black. Should be fairly easy but I have never done a painting project like this so... let the research commence!

We have one basement wall that is concrete and we are leaving it concrete. I am going to wash it and treat it as an accent wall. Sooooo Fixer Upper of me. ;)

This week, I will be writing another post with multiple "before" pics of the basement so stayed tuned. 

Project #2- Get a new light fixture for the entrance. 

I pretty much hate this fixture. It's builder grade. Cheap. I've been ignoring it for 5 years. So, now it's time. 

I was thinking a small Chandelier however I've decided I am going to stick with a Flush Mount. 

Here are 2 options so far:

    I've been saying this since the day we moved in but I am going to pull the trigger this summer. (Hopefully!)

I would love to paint the cabinets, too but I think that painting the walls a warm white (not white white) will make a huge difference. 

Project #4- PATIO!!!
       So this is actually in the works, now! I started sanding our fire pit to give that a nice new coat of textured spray paint. Bri power washed the patio and my brother gave me an awesome planter DIY he did. (to hang a strand of lights from) He and his girlfriend did some for their patio and had extra which was a total win for us. I had planned to make one myself and but now don't have to do ANY of the work. I'll post about it soon! Just need to finish up. ;) 

So, I'm pretty busy this summer and I'm excited to blog about it all. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!!!


Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Client (Julie): Family Room Makeover!

I am SO excited to share this post! About 2 weeks ago, I spent the day refreshing my client, Julie's family room. Julie had minimal decor... just a picture and a mirror, 2 sofas, an area rug and an end table. Julie and I had a bunch of conversations about what she loves and what she really wanted to make a priority within her budget. Her #1 concern was the wall space and she expressed wanting a gallery wall. So, I made that happen. She also needed the sofa styled as well as the end table. Let's start with some before. 


^See here, I had already flipped the big pillows on the sofa to make them as neutral as possible! 

Ok, so great starting point, right? Pretty basic, lots of neutral and that slate blue wall turned out to be in inspiration for a nice accent color. 

My plan? Head to HomeGoods, what else?!?! ;) 

I'm such a nerd taking up the floor like this... but I mean, let a girl live!

Decided to return that vase and get this table/basket instead! Gotta keep my options open!
After HomeGoods, I popped over to Kirklands and found that metal/wood basket and a great trio of boxwoods. 

Here are the links:
Boxwood Arrangement

Similar, not exact. The one I used is smaller and $49
Accent table basket

From HomeGoods I found: 
4 pillows 
throw blanket
basket (for PS4 accessories)
2 candles (1 large, 1 small)
coffee table book
multiple frames, mirrors and gallery wall pieces

Click on the pictures to enlarge. 

Ahhhhhhh... ;)

This throw blanket gave me all the feels. Added texture to the sofa. 

These pictures aren't great... (I forgot my professional camera) but those boxwood are adorable and less than $15. I linked them above ^ but here they are again Boxwood Arrangement

The gallery wall was the hardest part! I wasn't sure if I had enough pieces but Julie is SO happy with the outcome and so am I. It's got a whimsical feel. 
One of the FIRST things I did was flip the big pillows to the solid side. The lighter pillow had a pattern on one side and was solid beige on the other. Simply flipping to the solid side made a HUGE difference and allowed me to add a new pattern... cheetah! 

I couldn't BELIEVE I found those slate blue and navy cheetah printed pillows! They were the perfectttttt accent pillow! (I want them for myself!)

I moved Julie's print onto the bigger wall and made a small gallery behind the sofa. I also straightened out the love seat to be parallel with the area rug. Julie and I discussed adding more to this little gallery wall. I will be sure to update with pictures when complete. 

Used my classic equation for end table styling... height, texture, layers and odd numbers! Found a mercury glass candle in a silvery/blue which was PERFECT! (I just love when HomeGoods has literally everything I could ever want!) 


The blue coffee table book is great for layering, greenery adds nice texture/pop and that lamp was the perfect size and texture! Loved how this turned out!

Close up of that dreamy pillow!

Thanks for stopping by! Comment below and let me know what you think. Also, reach out if you'd like me to restyle one of your spaces! Summer is coming and now's the time!!! 


Sunday, April 1, 2018

HOME TOUR: My Parent's Home

HOME TOUR!!! This is my childhood home... built in 1994. (I was 8 when we moved in.) Since 94, my parents have removed downstairs tile and carpet and replaced with hardwood, renovated the kitchen and 2 of the 3 bathrooms. (The bathrooms were just done in the last 5 weeks!)  

I snapped some pictures after our Easter dinner today. (using an iPhone 8 Plus) Hope you enjoy!
*Not pictured: master bedroom, my Dad's office, powder room and laundry room. 

 Off of the TV room is a powder Room and laundry Room that aren't photographed.

That's my (old) bedroom <3 and my little brother Winston! 

Thanks for stopping by!!! 

xo Cyndi