Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Family Room Details

I've been loving earthy accents lately and decided to really bring them out in my family room. My TV room (family room) is the most neutral space in our home and the easiest to quickly switch up. A year ago, it had really bright colors and today, it is toned down and "earthy" :)  I really love being able to make quick, cost effective changes. 

About a year ago, my hubs surprised me with a small cow hide area rug which started the "earthy" elements in the family room. My dad gave me real deer antlers and skull that I am obsessed with... SO earthy! 

Although I have an 8' by 10' area rug from Safavieh Rugs, using the small cow hide rug under this accent chair added so much character to the space. The throw pillow, HomeGoods, has burlap trim. I took the giant basket out of retirement and use it to hold throw blankets. Other earthy elements: wooden top side table and faux greenery. 

I switch up this shelf constantly and with a few new items, ($11 at TJMaxx) and some shopping around the house, I was able to give this shelf a nice, earthy feel. (Say earthy ONE more time) I had that frame already and it's just right for the look I'm working to achieve.  I found the chicken wire wrapped jars and mini cacti at TJMaxx this morning and LOVE how cute they look together. (Remember, group in odd numbers!) Those are my treasured antlers from my Dad... I think they are so cool and something NO ONE else has because they are from the woods! ;) Stacked some books and a candle, used a faux plant from another room in the house and then took a distressed metal ball out of retirement. I am VERY happy with how this little "shelfie" came out! 

Check out some older pics of my family room here

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hosting a Spring Celebration!

My mom has been throwing us all birthday parties since forever and I felt it was high time I reciprocated! Her birthday is April 10th and since Easter was only a week away, I wanted to make it very Easter-y and boy, oh boy, did I succeed! Carrots, bunnies and pastels, oh my! 

Isn't she a beauty?! ;)

Below are some images to show how I created this look. I was able to stay within a budget by using the Target One Spot. (and a lovely friend who let me use her Happy Birthday Banner) I also found some items at Pier 1 and HomeGoods. Keep reading for more details. 

Part of the center piece was 2 groups of bunnies and robin eggs in nests. I used a tiny cake stand I found at Target One Spot for, you guessed it, $1 to add height to one of the nests. It's always easier to work in groups of 3... adding the cake stand added interest to the second group of eggs. The Robin Egg/Nest set is on MAJOR sale right now... Find it here

*Pictured here are gold over sized confetti which I later removed because it felt too busy. :)

Found these adorable napkin rings at the Target One Spot... $3 for a set of 4. Amazing deal and such a conversation piece at dinner. ;)

I always use place cards... I actually had these from Christmas and just reused them. I purchased from Kate Spade. They have cute little sayings on them and I love how festive they look! 

I fell in <3 with this mini carrot table scatter I found at Pier1. Literally, fell in LOVEEEEE!!!! You can find it here on SUPER sale! 

I scattered mini party hats around the table, another super festive detail. Found them at the Target One Spot, too! Plus, they were quite the hit! My Mom and Nanny loved them SO much!!! We even put them on the dogs. So fun!

I made an Italian Almond Cookie Cake... I must say, it is to die for! Made it at Christmas time, too but instead of the primary color non pareils, I used the springy, pastel colored ones. Topped the cake off with this banner I scored at the good, ole Target One Spot. 

The menu was simple:

Sweet potato crusted quiche with spinach, onion and feta. 
Apple French Toast Bake
Cheese, Meat, Olive and Fruit Platter
Bagels, Lox and Cream Cheese station

I loved hosting and most importantly, my Momma had a GREAT time and loved everything!!!! <3

Any questions, please feel free to reach out!

xo- Cyndi

White/Gold ceramic bunnies: HomeGoods
Table Scatter: Pier1
Mini cake stands: Target One Spot
Cake banner: Target One Spot
Napkin rings: Target One Spot
Fresh Cut Tulips: Shop Rite
Robin eggs and various nests: Pier1 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Spring Accents

What a gorgeous day today in NJ! The sun is shining and spring is in the air!! Hallelujah!!! On Friday, my Momma and I hung out and it led to some decor changes. We were sipping vino in my living room when I exclaimed, "Ugh I'm over my dining room!" Thirty seconds later, we were moving mirrors, pictures, etc. Nothing seemed to work soooooo, we went to HomeGoods (naturally) and got the PERFECT idea!!!  My Mom is the queen of florals and greenery so she knew exactly what I needed. The dining room and living room are basically one, long space so the decor needs to be cohesive. The living room has POP but the dining room was tired looking. So, after an eye catching vase (or 2) and some florals at Michaels... I think we nailed it!!! I tell ya, whoever came up with the phrase, "Team work makes the dream work" was spot on. It's amazing what another set of eyes can do for your space! Take a look at the pictures below to see the changes. 

Cleared the end table and kept it simple with coffee table books. Added pops of pink to the dining room with florals, and 2 dramatic vases. <3 I love them sooooo much!!!!

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kitchen OCD... I mean, organizing!

Ever get in those moods where all you want to do is clean and organize? Or am I just insane? 

Today was one of those days. I had a bunch of "stuff" on my To-Do list and they all got done. Among the "stuff" was organizing a few kitchen cabinets. Generally, I keep our cabinets tidy but sometimes, things get a little wild. 

It was one of those freezing cold but super sunny days... makes me want to keep busy but stay inside. As you can see in the picture below, I have plenty of cabinet space. The island has 2 huge cabinets and 2 drawers. We have SO much stuff and STILL can't fill all the cabinets. 

The kitchen is our most high traffic area. I cook just about every night and it's an open concept to the family room. If we aren't in the kitchen, we are in the family room. Oh and off the kitchen is the laundry room which is definitely a high traffic area (insert eye rolling emoji) 

So, I started with the island. My number one piece of advice is to clear EVERY SINGLE THING out. Starting with a clear, clean space is the best way to successfully organize. 

I placed according to how often we use. 

 These pot lid holders are my favorite. Simplest design, purchased from Walmart for maybe $7 and most importantly... it keeps me sane! 
The pans on tops are the most used... easy to reach. I placed the larger pots on the bottom, as pictured here. 

The other side of the island is flooded with Pyrex containers, Corningware, mixing bowls and strainers. 

 Stack if you can. I keep my mixing bowls stacked together. Makes it easier to store and keep tidy. Same with my Pyrex bowls and Corningware. 

So, after this I was feeling the "buzz" and decided to tackle a few other cabinets. My baking cabinet was in need of some serious attention... 

 The bottom shelf has advil, essential oils, cold medicines, etc. I got sick of going upstairs for these things all of the time. Plus, I remember my mom did/does the exact same thing in her baking cabinet so I just did what she did! ;) Duh!

I line things up so everything looks neat. I recommend making rows... example- behind the baking powder is baking soda and corn starch. All of my extracts are lined up in a row, too. I am also a big fan of using these containers for sugars and flours. Aside from how cute they look, they keep the ingredients fresh. 

I did our coffee/mug/espresso cabinet a few weeks ago and I've kept up with it since so I figured I'd share. It's the small counter space by the fridge...

And then there is my "cups/glasses" cabinet which I always keep tidy so I wanted to share that, too. In the spirit of organization!

And last but not least... the spice cabinet. Not sure why this picture came out so foggy but you get the gist. 

I am feeling so accomplished! Does this inspire you to organize your kitchen or question my sanity?!?!?!

Leave a comment below and let me know!


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Decorating a Tree...

There are many ways to tackle this festive tradition and I thought it would be fun to share how I decorate our trees! You can check out my skinny tree in my family room here. 

This post will be dedicated to our main tree in the living room. It allllll started when I declared that this would be the year we buy a pre-lit tree. Every year, I take an hour to TRY and perfectly string lights on an un-lit tree and I'm over it. 

So, we chose a 7.5 Pre-Lit Englewood Pine Tree from Lowes. It's gorgeous! ;) The great thing about this tree... it has options! Colored lights for Brian and white lights for me! :) 

I keep to a theme... silver, navy blue and pink to match the decor in the living room. 

Tree decorating is done in layers:
  • Plain bulbs
  • Decorative bulbs
  • Ornaments
  • Sparkly twigs/florals

So, I start with plain bulbs. 

I take my plain "filler" bulbs and place them evenly around the tree. Look at the tree in 3 parts and focus on even placement. I can't stress this enough. I have 8 pink plain bulbs... I used a zig zag pattern to make sure that pop of pink from the plain bulbs is evenly placed. (Don't worry- I have more pink stuff!!!)

Next step, taking my "decorative bulbs" and placing them evenly around the tree. Again, making sure these bulbs are placed evenly around the tree. 

These are only a few of my decorative bulbs... but try and find various shapes and sizes. It adds interest to your tree. It's just like decorating a house. Texture and interest! I found beautiful pink mercury glass bulbs at HomeGoods along with these white sparkly bulbs with deer on them! I LOVE deer and antlers!!! 

After decorative bulbs, I add pretty ornaments. 

These guys are my FAVE! I have birds, sparkly snowflakes, a deer with antlers... so fun!

Final step... sparkly twigs, berries and florals! I also found silver antlers on sticks!!! Most of these were purchased at either Michaels or Hobby Lobby. 

***Disclaimer... I moved bulbs and ornaments around for an entire week before I was pleased with the final outcome! :)

Ready for the reveal?????? 

Hope this helps and/or inspires your tree decorating!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

xo- Cyndi