Sunday, March 4, 2018

Master Bathroom!

I don't know about you, but I find hotel bathrooms to be amazing. A truly luxurious bathroom can be ANY size and still make me swoon! Aside from amazing vanities and top of the line showers, what else makes it so wonderful? Perhaps plush piles of towels, deliciously smelling soaps and no clutter on the counter. 

Early Saturday morning, after I was done scrubbing our bathroom, I stood back and took note of the little touches that make our bathroom feel a little more luxurious and a little less like a builder grade master bath. 

Our bathroom is far from amazing... so here are a few simple, cost effective ways to make your master bath feel just a bit more luxurious. 

1. Toiletries on a tray: Keeping products organized on a tray is my go to! (Tray, $10, HomeGoods)

2. Towels: I love to stack towels on this shelf. Easy and exactly what a hotel bathroom does! 

3. Sitting chair and throw pillow: I found this dining room chair (actually, I think my husband spotted it) and I love having it for my vanity. Plus, it was originally $250 and I got it for $35! 

4. Swap out your builder grade mirrors: These HomeGoods mirrors are much nicer than what the builders chose. And didn't break the bank, either! 
*I'd love to upgrade the vanity one day!

5. Upgrade your shower: Now, this isn't always attainable but if you can, it's well worth it.  Click here to read about our shower renovation. We scaled back and went simpler. 

6. Candles: Candles are great in ANY room, but they add a romantic element to a bathroom. 

Here are some more pics of the bathroom!

Love these floating shelves. Great for storage!
We were VERY close to removing this soaking tub but so glad we didn't pull the trigger. I use it MAYBE 4 times a year BUT it's great for resale. 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you discovered new ideas for your bathroom! 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Sell the unused... buy the new!

When I first started following home decor blogs,  I would always wonder how in the world they afforded to constantly change up their homes. Through the years, I've realized that full time bloggers make a very nice income, have sponsors and get tons of free stuff! So, it started to make sense. But what about everyone else? There has to be a way to afford new stuff without spending a fortune...

Which brings me to this post! I thought about calling it "Hustle for your Home" but I thought the message might get misconstrued. ;) I will share some of my favorite ways to sell my unused items which affords me to buy the new!!

I started with good, ole fashion Craig's List. I've also used eBay, too. But lately, I've been extremely successful with Facebook online garage sale pages and Facebook Marketplace. I have a Google Doc with all of my sales charted... and I can't believe how much I've sold. Marketplace on Facebook is VERY simple to manage... and it keeps track of item views and allows potential buyers to message you. Here are some screenshots of things I've sold. (My parents let me raid their basement this summer which was amazing!) 

Facebook garage sale sites are amazing, too. They have lots of rules, though. And posting limits. Marketplace seems to be easiest. *This is not sponsored... I am just sharing what's worked best for me! 

In addition to home decor, I'm a sucker for bags, shoes and clothes. Lots and lots of clothes! I find that I hang on to classic pieces but anything trendy collections dust in my closet. (Not literally, figuratively :) A few years ago, I heard about Poshmark and decided to start my own "closet". For those who don't know, Poshmark is a social marketplace to buy and sell all things fashion. I've made over $2,500 selling items I was no longer using... news, gently used and very used! Bags, shoes, clothes, make up, men's clothes, etc. It's very worth it! I've learned that you have to be excited about it though. I have friends who have been VERY successful and others who have not because they find the process time consuming. I love making $ so the process, which I find simple, doesn't bother me in the least. 

Here are some screenshots of items sold in my Posh Closet. 

Check out Poshmark if you're interested in selling some items "collecting dust". Some helpful tips for selling on Posh:

  • Follow everyone and anyone! It's not like FB where you should be "friends" with the person. More followers means your closet gets more views. More views means more sales. 
  • Share people's closet items! More shares, more views. More views, more sales. ;)
  • Be descriptive and take great pics! This goes with all online marketplaces. Pictures and descriptions are very, very important. 
  • Ship quickly! The Poshmark buyers pays for shipping. A label is sent to the sellers email but it helps if you ship quickly... they recommend within 2 days of sale. 
Sometimes I am responsible and save the earnings. Other times, I indulge. I just sold our everyday plate set and used the $ to buy a new set! I have a throw pillow obsession. Over the summer, I sold 5 throw pillows that were in mint condition so I could buy new ones and not feel so guilty about spending $ on something I truly did NOT need. 

If you have ANY questions about this post, please feel free to reach out or comment on the blog! I'd be happy to share and help. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, February 10, 2018

DIY Valentine's Gifts

V-day is just around the corner and if you're anything like me, you haven't even given this Hallmark Holiday a thought! Brian and I have never really been into Valentine's Day. This will be our... 13th (???... I think that's right...) V-Day together and the first few were really cute. I wore a red dress and got my hair and make-up done... blah blah blah. But after that... Go out? Why???? It's so cold!!!! As for gifts, (and this sounds so terrible but I gotta keep it real...) if we want something, we just buy it. We work hard and have all of these little hustles on the side (I sell everything and anything we don't need or use anymore.) So we allow ourselves to indulge (within reason). Plus, after so many celebrations and holidays, what does one buy for their spouse? Running.Outta.Options. 

After we bought our home in 2013, we started cooking each other surprise dinners on V-day. We would go to the food store together, split up and pay separately. Then, go home and cook each other a meal we knew the other would love! One year, Brian hinted HARD to make him lobster and a fat, filet mignon. So much for a surprise. (eye roll) But we did really enjoy that! 

Over the years, we have been DIYing Valentine gifts and I thought I would share some favorites! 

Brian LIVES for puns... So, I found these plant puns from Good House Keeping. (Find the DIY here... the pun printouts are free to download) I went simple with the pots because Brian isn't really into pink hearts. 

This Root beer Float kit was one of my faves! I found the inspiration at Thirty Hand Made Days. (<--- Use this link to download the free PDF printout.) I filled the basket with tissue paper and added some ribbon to make it cuter. Couldn't find any pictures though so just use your imagination. Bri loved this! And I reaped the benefits of this gift, too! Homeboy can't drink a gallon of root beer and eat a gallon of ice cream... he'd get sick and I wouldn't dare let that happen ;) 

7 Days of Love was another hit I did one year. I was inspired by The Dating Diva. You can find the printable PDF here

I LOVEEEEE this Man Bouquet idea! I may even ask Brian not to read this post until after V-Day so I can make it for him this year. Tick Tock, Cyndi. It's 4 days away! 

Feeling inspired to be creative this Valentine's Day? Check out more gift ideas at Dating Divas Most Popular Valentine Ideas

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Bargain Furniture Shopping!

My most viewed post, Designer vs. Bargain, is all about finding the bargain furniture piece.  I figured it was time to revisit this most viewed post! (I don't even share this post on my social media and it gets views daily... just floating around the world wide web.)

This is the sofa that inspired my original post! Unfortunately, Bob's Discount Furniture no longer sells my beautiful, $550 couch. The designer version (Ethan Allen Chadwick Sofa) is a show stopper but costs a pretty penny. 

 If you search hard enough, finding the more affordable version of what you really want is 100% possible. 

*Side Note- I am sure this couch is well made and beautifully crafted. My grandma has all Ethan Allen furniture and it lasts a lifetime. If I could afford it, I would consider buying it if on sale. However, my affordable Bob's sofa is going on 5 years and has been very good to us! ;) 

Here are some other comps I found while searching online... (click the pictures to make them larger)

 Ethan Allen sofette compared to one on Wayfair. I actually think I like the look of the Wayfair sofa better than the EA one. 


Not 100% similar but definitely in the same boat. The Bob's sofa is quite the deal in comparison to the Ethan Allen one. 

This Arhaus chaise lounge is stunning... but the Wayfair version looks just as beautiful and for a fraction of the cost. 

I'm a BIG fan of Homegoods but you can't always guarantee their inventory. Correction, you can never guarantee their inventory. If you're in northern NJ and reading this, HomeSense (sister store of HomeGoods) just opened in East Hanover and they have a nice furniture selection. Much bigger than HomeGoods. These stores are fabulous because of their price tags. 

Before you pull the trigger on a $$$ expensive sofa, humor me and quickly search for a comparable. You may be pleasantly surprised with what you find!

Thanks for stopping by. 


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Key Hanger Gallery Wall

Our poor little keys look so sad and lonely... and have been for some time now. ;) This little key rack has been up for years and a total necessity. My mom was always losing her keys when I was little... I actually remember she bought this giant Ferby keychain for her keys so she would be able to spot them in her purse! I still hear my dad saying, "Put your keys in the same spot everyday and you won't lose them!" So funny what you remember from when you were a kid. 

Last night, I was telling Brian that I've been itching for a project and then together, we came up with a gallery wall around our keys! (We are always on the same page, it's pretty cute!) 

Did some shopping around the house, first. The large sign on top is something Brian got me from Texas. Everything else is from Michaels, Target and TJMaxx... Here is the final product!

The calendar is such a good idea... I keep everything in my phone and then share it to our "family" gmail calendar but having it on paper is always helpful. Especially since we can just quickly scan before heading out the door.

That metal basket is going to hold Bri's wallet. He needs to keep his wallet by his keys and this little metal basket is the perfect solution. 

 *Picture quality isn't great... no sun! And I couldn't wait for a sunny day to post! :)

Hung everything with Command velcro strips and thumb tacks! LOL Quickkkkk and easy. I had no time to wait for Brian's drill to charge... and I started this at 2:30pm and the Pats/Jax game started at 3pm sooooooo, I had to make some serious moves. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!!!

xo Cyndi

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Year... New Idea!

It's a New Year and I have an idea but...  I need YOUR help! Does the thought of stepping into HomeGoods make you cringe? Are the walls in your home still bare years after moving day? Have cute accessories but just don't know how to style them? Well read on, my friend, read on! 

I've invested so much time, energy and research into this passion of mine and I would like to tackle more. I'm looking for a few "victims" to help me take my passion for decorating to the next level.  I would love to help some friends (friends of friends, family of friends, etc) transform a space in their home free of charge. Here is the scoop:

1. Budget- I am looking to create a business but my services will be complimentary as part of my kick off! I am also the queen of bargain shopping so I will keep your costs down because that's just how I do :) However, depending on your goals, it would be realistic to say that a few hundred $ would be a reasonable "transformation" budget. ***I LOVE to shop around the house and that can save tons!

**Now, if your room is empty and you want to completely furnish it, obviously the budget increases. 

2. The space- One room transformation... family/living room, dining room, bedroom, den, office, sitting room, kids room, play room, etc.

3. Time frame- I would break the time up by having an initial consultation to view the space and discuss vision/goals. Then, I create a layout and plan. Shop. Decorate. I work fast, too! :) 

4. Sharing- I would like to document the transformation and share pictures on my blog/social media as a way to market my services. 

Please scroll through a few pictures to check out my home and some projects I've completed. If you are interested in working together, PLEASE reach out! Comment on the blog post or email me at 

Striped wall was a DIY I did a few years ago.  This is the entrance to our room. Check it out here.
Formal Living Room

This wall stencil was another DIY I completed a few years back. Stencil accent wall DIY can be found here.

This was a cute spring party I hosted for my Mom's birthday last year. Read more here.
Floral arranging.
Master Bathroom- designed this shower (with my husband) Master Shower Reno Post.
Master Bathroom
Christmas table 2017
Gallery wall project I completed for a friend. Read more here

Master bedroom.

Cozy TV room... transitional style.

Love mixing textures and patterns.
 I made that Sunburst mirror as a DIY a few years ago... 5 hours, $40 and many blisters from the hot glue gun! Read the Sunburst DIY here. 
Kitchen counters aren't currently like this... changes weekly. (Husband gets so confused!) But I LOVE my MacKenzie Child's Courtly Check and that's not going anywhere!