Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Year... New Idea!

It's a New Year and I have an idea but...  I need YOUR help! Does the thought of stepping into HomeGoods make you cringe? Are the walls in your home still bare years after moving day? Have cute accessories but just don't know how to style them? Well read on, my friend, read on! 

I've invested so much time, energy and research into this passion of mine and I would like to tackle more. I'm looking for a few "victims" to help me take my passion for decorating to the next level.  I would love to help some friends (friends of friends, family of friends, etc) transform a space in their home free of charge. Here is the scoop:

1. Budget- I am looking to create a business but my services will be complimentary as part of my kick off! I am also the queen of bargain shopping so I will keep your costs down because that's just how I do :) However, depending on your goals, it would be realistic to say that a few hundred $ would be a reasonable "transformation" budget. ***I LOVE to shop around the house and that can save tons!

**Now, if your room is empty and you want to completely furnish it, obviously the budget increases. 

2. The space- One room transformation... family/living room, dining room, bedroom, den, office, sitting room, kids room, play room, etc.

3. Time frame- I would break the time up by having an initial consultation to view the space and discuss vision/goals. Then, I create a layout and plan. Shop. Decorate. I work fast, too! :) 

4. Sharing- I would like to document the transformation and share pictures on my blog/social media as a way to market my services. 

Please scroll through a few pictures to check out my home and some projects I've completed. If you are interested in working together, PLEASE reach out! Comment on the blog post or email me at 

Striped wall was a DIY I did a few years ago.  This is the entrance to our room. Check it out here.
Formal Living Room

This wall stencil was another DIY I completed a few years back. Stencil accent wall DIY can be found here.

This was a cute spring party I hosted for my Mom's birthday last year. Read more here.
Floral arranging.
Master Bathroom- designed this shower (with my husband) Master Shower Reno Post.
Master Bathroom
Christmas table 2017
Gallery wall project I completed for a friend. Read more here

Master bedroom.

Cozy TV room... transitional style.

Love mixing textures and patterns.
 I made that Sunburst mirror as a DIY a few years ago... 5 hours, $40 and many blisters from the hot glue gun! Read the Sunburst DIY here. 
Kitchen counters aren't currently like this... changes weekly. (Husband gets so confused!) But I LOVE my MacKenzie Child's Courtly Check and that's not going anywhere!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Pictures of Christmas Past!

So many of the blogs I follow start putting up their Christmas decor NOW. But I physically can't do that. I loooooove decorating for Christmas. The sparkles and the lights, the holly jolly and the fa la la but the first week in November is just too early. I put my skinny TV room tree up the day before Thanksgiving and I put the big tree up the day after Thanksgiving. Then, all weekend long I add touches of Christmas all over the house. 

BUT in the spirit of decorating, I thought I would share some pictures of Christmas past. (Get The Christmas Carol reference, there?) 
 This was my very first table in the house. (2013) LOVED how busy and festive it was!!! 

 Last year, we invested in a pre-lit tree. 

Christmas 2016 table was very simple... with the motto "less is more". Jury is still out on what the Christmas 2017 table will look like. I do love how I tied in the pink accents in the center piece, treating the dining room and living room as one space. 

 Found this pillow cover on Amazon for CHEAP. Maybe $10. 

 I can't even tell you how much I adore this skinny tree!

 This room is all about cozy... layering pillows and faux fur!

Griffin agrees... cozy!

I've made so many small changes to the decor since last year so I am excited to see how I incorporate the Christmas decor. Even though I use all of the same stuff, I always try and make it look new! 

Share your comments and thoughts below and stay tuned for the 2017 reveal!!!

xo Cyndi 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Fall Decor Tour

Happy October!!!! My FAVORITE month! To celebrate, I snapped a few pictures of the fall accents in my home. I used to go CRAZY with the fall decor but I’ve really toned it down. I add a few touches here and there to amp up the cozy factor. Let me know what you think!!!

Family room is fairly neutral these days... but I added this gorgeous plaid throw that I scooped up from the new store HomeSense for only $25. My Mom and I went yesterday... it was good. Not amazing but good. 

I LOVE my MacKenzie Childs pumpkins! You can find them here. 

I love the simplicity of this wreath. It's brown with copper sparkles. Because it is soon simple, I can leave it up through Thanksgiving. 

Found this cute pumpkin candle from The Cracker Barrel. ;)

My mom told me this skull is "very Cyndi!" lol I always manage to find these funky pieces. Marshall's. $6. Boom. 

 Just a tiny touch of Halloween. 

This is the famous glam pumpkin that got me an instagram re-gram by HomeGoods... with 25,000 likes!!!! <3 

Hope you enjoyed my touches of fall!!! 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Area rug trick

This post might not hit home for many people. If you are very particular and border on perfectionist about your "stuff" then read on. If not, read on to get a good laugh and see just how crazy I am.

So, I might be a little over the top when it comes to my "stuff". And by "stuff" I mean home, floors, rugs, clothes, shoes, etc. Everything. All my stuff. I just want things to look clean, perfect and new all the time. Some people think that's insane but that's okay. There is nothing wrong with wanting to take care of my stuff! (This could turn into a drinking game... "Anytime Cyndi says 'stuff' take a shot!")

See those white fibers being pulled onto the blue fibers of the rug? Well that drives me INSANE. 

I use a Dyson vacuum and it has hard floor settings and carpet settings. I realized the carpet setting is much too strong for this area rug and always use the hard floor setting. That helps with the white fibers pulling onto the blue. But sometimes it happens anyway, when entertaining or if the dog plays in the living room, and I'm not going to be SO crazy that I block it off (although I've definitely thought about doing that)

So my trick, you ask?!?!?!


I gently shave the surface of the area rug to remove the fibers and BOOM. Brand new. Then, I use an attachment to vacuum up the lifted fibers. Simple and quick!

It's good as new!!!! Now, here is my disclaimer... I have NO IDEA how good this is for the rug. I spent $150 on this Safavieh area rug 4 years ago so I don't care if I'm slowly destroying it because it was a great deal and after 4 years, it owes me nothing. All I care about is not seeing those white fibers. ;)

Here is the Dyson I use. I LOVE this vacuum so much. It pulls up everything and makes the carpets feel and look new. There are TONS of models that Dyson makes so before you purchase, do your research. Here is a link for the one we have Dyson DC33 

Listen, we all have tips and tricks that we use in our home to subside our little bits of OCD. Share some of yours in the comments below. 

Thanks for stopping by.